CHOTA DEV is a Turkish- Pakistani collective that comprises of Ece Polen Budak and Nayha Jehangir Khan. The first project undertaken by our collective was TINY GIANTS which was realised at the end of a 3 month collaboration. Nayha Jehangir drew portraits of Pakistani and Turkish youth utilising their Facebook profile images, i.e their projected identities, layered these images onto one another and then projected these images onto various surfaces in Istanbul- walls, building facades and daily objects to question the relationship between portraiture and identity. The images were created during a tumultuous time of protest in Turkey, which was marked by incredible creativity- most influential to the project were the rainbow coloured staircases. These painted staircases represented the celebration of diversity and solidarity through youth action, and were repainted grey by government mandate multiple times. This tragicomic attempt to stifle multiplicity is contrasted with the way youth choose to express themselves through online media. 

The embedded video is a compilation of some of the images and methods used in the project.