During the AWID(Association for Women's Rights in Development) Forum 2012 and in the spirit of honouring and supporting the struggles of women and women's rights advocates, I created an interactive installation based on well-wishing. I wanted to instigate  an exchange of communication and gift-giving. This led to the creation of a wish tree/ dilek ağacı and the exchange of paper notes enclosed in sachets that were woven together with Yemeni cloth and Nazar beads forming a hanging braid. To participate in the project each woman would taking a piece of paper and write her name on one side and a well-wish on the other.  She could also add a coin into the sachet from her native country, as a symbol for women’s economic agency.  For each wish hung, in return a wish was received, creating a continuum of well-wishing between women from all around the world.