Papergirl is a mail-art and delivery systems art project that is participatory, analogue, non-commercial, and impulsive. The Papergirl project was founded by Aisha Ronniger in 2006. In the next 5 years it grew and grew  and became a global young artist network. The Toronto reincarnation of the project took place during Nuit Blanche- an all night art festival that takes place every year with a variety of participating artists and institutions.  We held an open-call for several months before the night of Nuit Blanche stating that every participating artist should send at least 2 copies (preferably more) of their artworks- the theme or subject of the works was not limited. On the night of the event, one of each received copy of artwork was hung in the Toronto School of Art while the other copies were distributed for free on bikes by 'papergirls', similarly to how paperboys used to deliver newspapers. The Papergirls loaded a satchel full of works onto their bikes and kept randomly distributing them for free to people on the streets until they ran out. The project aimed at bike-friendly and community oriented interaction, enabling the inhabitants of Toronto awareness about young and emerging artists, providing exposure for these artists and  promoting an alternative art collection and distribution network. 

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Video By Paula P Rezende

black and white photography by Yoshi Cooper